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March 27, 2012



LOVE THIS!!!! Will definitely be subscribing!

PS. Also love the black & white sketch of Oscar too!! ;-)


Oh more importantly, Happy Birthday Oscar!!!


Thanks Holly! We had a feeling you'd like to follow this new little project... ;) And Oscar thanks you kindly for the B-day wishes!


This is so great! I too have a ridgeback. A girl who is almost three and the way you describe Oscar is so much like her. I live in Portland ME and saw a link to your blog through Fetch and Fish & Bones page on facebook. Definitely subscribing.


Hi Gretchen! These dogs sure do have particular quirks, don't they?! Endearing indeed... Oscar and I look forward to having you and your RR along for the ride!

Karen and Don

hello oscar and oscar's mom. what a stupendous site. I have spent the last two months just looking at rr rescue sites and any site that would connect me to our recently passed beloved rhodesian named cubby. This did the healing. It is so perfectly in tune with the way a ridgeback and owner lives and projects their regal self on the world. i laughed, i remembered and cried. You are to be commended on this site. i totally enjoyed looking at your beautiful oscar and what a fine model he is.!!!!! We have had 3 rr in the last 25 years and would suspect to adopt another in the near future. So many thanks for this, will be tuning in regularly. Karen and Don at Jungledog28


Karen & Don,
Your note just MADE MY DAY!! Thank you so, so much for such thoughtful and supportive words about the blog - and your degree of resonance with the content tells me you CLEARLY know Ridgebacks inside and out... they're certainly a breed apart!!

You know what - my family's first and only dog while I was growing up was a Pomeranian named Cubby!! I've never heard of a dog with that name since... until now. I'm so sorry to hear about your boy's passing... loosing a dog friend couldn't possibly hurt more, but someone once reminded me: they're worth every single tear. Boy are they ever!

All our best to you - and let us know when you bring another one of these special beasts into your life - we'd love to "meet" him or her! :)

Best, Natalya & Oscar Dog

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