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June 26, 2012



O.M.G. That is a priceless blog entry!

I remember 1 night while waiting inside Angelino's for a take-out order; I thought I'd cleverly hidden a loaf of Italian bread under the seat AND in a cloth bag. Well it wasn't long before one of Angelino's staff was asking customers "Does anyone in here have a large dog in a silver SUV? It looks like the dog has a full loaf of bread and is wolfing it down".. ahhh, Ridgebacks and their quest for food!


Oh man, that's an amazing story too Holly!! I love it that you got paged during your dinner!!! One day *maybe* I'll get over my embarrassment and put up a post about how many picnics Oscar has completely ruined during off-leash romps in the park - I know you think he's well trained (and he IS!), but he IS also a Ridgeback, and NOTHING can stop the determined appetite of a stubborn RR...


Love this dude!

Notes from the Pack

We have never - NEVER - laughed so hard at a blog post. Such a great description of the process - the lunge, the freeze, the pained expression, the wrinkled brow... good lord, can we relate. (Unfortunately, Stella's weakness is not baked goods, but stinky dead things... otherwise, the procedure is the same. And she probably wouldn't mind a loaf of bread if one happened to turn up... ) Beautiful, funny post Natalya! (That animated GIF is very cool too.)


Oscar dog loves you back, Stebs - big time!

And thank you NFTP! I'm almost certain everyone with a dog in their life has experienced a moment like this - ridiculous, humorous, mildly infuriating, but at the end of the day - our dogs provide us with so many great stories, keeping us on our toes, and preventing the very idea of the dull moment...

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