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June 17, 2012



I have so enjoyed reading about Oscar and his escapades! I have an English Cocker Spaniel we affectionately refer to as the DES, his name is Desi...long story, anyway, some of your stories remind me of my DES. Especially eating what is not nailed down! If you like, check out his escapades here:http://spajunkie.typepad.com/living-in-a-foreign-language/desi-the-des/. Some of them are laugh out loud funny...ham, chocolate...they all make an appearance.

Anyway, love the blog! Love Oscar!

Me and DES


Thank you Danice! I'm so glad Oscar's escapades struck a chord with you - it looks like you've got your own handsome muse in Desi. I'm AMAZED that you have traveled around the world and back with him! What a lucky guy! I shudder to think about the logistics of doing something like that will all 95lbs of my grump in tow - Oi! Thank you for sharing your stories, safe travels, and much love to you and DES from the Big Red Beast and I!

Ken E

When did Oscar 'mellow' out? When did he stop acting like a 'pup'?

But I really want to know is, after 7 years would you get another Ridgeback? (Or are you looking towards a nice calm Labradoodle?) lol.

(Finally figured out how to tire Hank out, a 5.5 mile bike ride in 50 minutes!)


Hi Ken! Oscar mellowed around 3 y/o. They're all different, and I've met Ridgebacks who are WAAAAY more energetic than he is, even at older ages... can't tell if I lucked out or got a dud! Haha. (Of COURSE I lucked out...) Sounds like you found an excellent exercise for Hank! As long as he's over 2 y/o, that amount of consistent running should be just what the doctor ordered for a high-intensity kind of guy...

And I can pretty firmly say - I wish I could have another RR NOW, but one is all I can accommodate at this point in my life. I simply adore the breed - they compliment my lifestyle and personality quite perfectly - and they're SO HANDSOME!!!

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