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July 29, 2012



Lol! My Meeka does that every morning in my bedroom as soon as she hits the carpet! Your illustration is just fab... Funny dogs!


Hahaha!! Natalya, not only is your Oscar beyond adorable but your writing is fantastic and your drawings are simply superb. I have such a clear mental image of Oscar performing his "flop" and you did a wonderful job of conveying his blissfully lazy expression in those drawings. I can't stop laughing at the idea of concerned people thinking he was dying.
While I can imagine how his propensity to randomly "die" on walks to regain his strength could be inconvenient and even disconcerting, I do envy you. Taro is the complete opposite; extremely hyper (at 6 years old! still as bad as in puppyhood!) and will not calm down even if I pick out a nice spot for us to sit and relax while out on a walk. He'll continuously circle around me, whining and waiting for some kind of play/work/instruction. If I tell him to lie down and relax, he'll stay down but very much alert and at attention (cute but kinda annoying too ;))

Maybe we could perform a little exchange... Oscar can have some of Taro's excitement and Taro could certainly benefit from some degree of Oscar's laid back attitude ;)

Glad to hear that your beautiful boy is doing so well. He looks as handsome as ever and clearly he is fulfilling his role very well (to keep you entertained). Can't wait for your next Oscar post!

- Yuko (and Taro & Aja)


THANK YOU Yuko!! You are too kind... I hear you on the "lazy dog envy", but really, you have GSDs because they fit your lifestyle - I'd think a hound with Oscar's pitiful energy level (and infuriating pig-head!) would drive you up the walls! Hahaha... you tell Taro he's a good lad for ringing true to his breed and keeping the human on her toes! :) Hope he's doing great - I miss his handsome mug (suuuuuch a looker he is...) - and Aja as well.

And you're absolutely right - Oscar fulfills his role in my life LIKE A CHAMP. Don't know what we'd do without our dogs...

Jan of Cambridge Canine

Love your drawings! My 1-year-old dog Eddie typically lies down several times in the course of a walk and has to be coaxed back onto his feet (he only weighs 27 lbs so I can pick him up if I have to). Sometimes I even have to drag him off the porch! The heat is definitely a factor -- I'm hoping the crisp fall weather will put the bounce back in his step. Meanwhile he's happier spending most of the day hunkered down near the AC vents inside.

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