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October 08, 2012



Peaceful Oscar on his huge bed! Such a lovely drawing. Thank you for sharing.

Our Jessie is a smaller version of Oscar. She walks around the kitchen chopping block a couple of times and then licks the floor ;) and hopes there is food that has dropped onto the tiled floor!


Thank you Mary!
It sounds like Jessie has found tasty things on more than one occasion to inspire such diligent kitchen patrol! Oscar is a master of kitchen ritual as well - when he's done eating his meals, he'll lick, lick, lick the bowl for a good few minutes, then walk into the living room, lick his chops a few times (maybe nuzzle a human) then walk back into the kitchen to clean out the bowl... again. He does it every time. Gotta love such dedication to routine... :)

Irini Rockwell

Such a sweet scene! I so enjoyed your presence on the weekend.

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