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December 09, 2012


Holly Buttura

LOVE LOVE LOVE there is a grain-free alternative (Miss Athena can no longer have grains). I see this fine snack making an appearance at our house very shortly! Thanks Natalya/Oscar!!


Wonderful, Holly! These really are easy to make - and if you use a small cookie cutter, you get HEAPS of cookies from a single batch... sorry to hear about Athena's condition, but the rice flour version should work out perfectly - she'll never know the difference! :)

Sarah | Chic Sprinkles

Thanks so much for the mention Oscar + Natalya! Love Love this blog, the drawings, aaand OSCAR! Enjoy the treats xox

White On Rice Couple

So glad you commented on our biscuit recipe so we could find you. Love you site, artwork, and of course Ridgie! Oscar is so handsome. Love these biscuits too. The addition of tumeric is brilliant. We lost our first ridgie to a cancerous tumor so anything to help reduce any tumor, benign or not, is great. Happy New Year>
Todd & Diane - and Lexi & Sierra!


Todd, Dianne, Lexi & Sierra,
We were PSYCHED to find you guys too!! Glad we could share a little naturopath knowledge! Hope you had a fantastic holiday, and are looking forward to a bright new year!!
xo Natalya & Oscar

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