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December 17, 2012



STUNNING! I LOVE IT! Have to get photos of my two to you asap! I did send some but not quite the facial expression I was hoping for ... will send some more and then you can send me invoice.

Merry Christmas you two!


Your so good! When I saw his face, it so reminded me of our first RR "Kobi" named after his dad "Lionveldt Akobi Delage" (http://home.ozonline.com.au/mzilakaz/litters.html). He was a city breed dog, carried himself very well and king of our house! We had a friend that used to call him Scooby because Kobi was tall and when he ran, it sounded like a horse coming towards you. We had 11 wonderful years with him. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent and for bringing back some wonderful memories.


Absolutely beautiful! Oscar, the Regal Ridgeback

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