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January 04, 2013



Oscar is always so handsome in a hat!


all beautiful, amazing and wonderful (as always), but did you mean a "monster" of a new year, or am i missing something? xoxo


Oh dear! YES! "monster" for sure - typo corrected! :)
Thanks for the eagle eyes!!

Karen Dudman

While searching Rhodesian Ridgebacks, I came upon your Pinterest page and then your blog. Oh my, your boy reminds me so much of my dear Chobe, who we had to put down this past fall. I see you support RR Rescue. I am in the process of applying there. My boy was a rescue, gracing our lives at the age of 4 and leaving us very sad and missing him at the age of 12. If you know of any Ridgebacks in need of a very loving family,(we live in NH and have been known to subject our RR to dress up for photos too), please contact me. Enjoy your sweet boy!

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