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January 19, 2013


Debbie Barry

Hello Natalya,
I had to leave a comment after reading this beautiful story for several reasons. First being, Katy and Doug is my daughter and son-in-law. When they first mentioned their interest in getting a Great Dane, my first thought was "Oh my God they are huge" and like you wrote, they have a small house. So imagine my surprise when they adopted TWO of these massive creatures. After witnessing Katy & Doug with the dogs, I can't decide who is more blessed to have found each other. Katy and Doug have jumped into the role of dog owners with all their heart and soul. They have done everything right in making King and Storm's transition to their new home. I am so very proud of them and of their decision to adopt. Among my three daughters, one son and myself, we have a total of 9 dogs and 4 cats....all adopted. It's so rewarding to give a shelter animal a happy home. Thank you for the beautiful story and artwork of King and Storm. Debbie


What a wonderful story and very well stated! I fell in love with this pair as soon as I saw them as well but alas I have rescued 3 Great Danes and I think my husband would not be pleased with another addition (or 2 in this case). Happy was I to read your article and to know that these 2 are still together and finally in a forever home. Thank you for sharing.

Debra Euler

I also scan Big Fluffy and some other sites to "window-shop" for giant dogs. I already have a 100lb+ Great Pyr mix, but eventually want to find him a companion. I saw King and Storm and I'm so happy to hear that they landed in such a great new home. They deserve a real forever home with people who love them, and it sounds like they have.


Debbie, thank you so much for writing! I can imagine your initial reaction at Katy and Doug's decision to adopt these two, but your pride is spot on - they've done such a fabulous job with King and Storm, and I couldn't have been more impressed! All FOUR seem so very well suited for each other - and HAPPY!


Thank you Debra and Beverly! It makes me pretty sad knowing that there are always a plethora of homeless pups out there to oogle online, but hopefully stories like Katy and Doug's will help spread the good word about rescues and adoption!

Serena \\ Pretty Fluffy

What a beautiful story and such lovely images as always Natalya! Great Danes have such a beauty about them, and there is nothing better than seeing a bonded pair of dogs find a home together. You've brought a huge smile to my face! xx

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