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February 13, 2013


Andrea Otis

Love your blog! I feel like you are writing about my Ridgy. Bosco is SUCH a diva. He refuses to even go outside if he sees it is wet. He can't stand having dirty/wet feet. Fortunately we live in a warmer climate (Texas), so he has not had to deal with snow. I have a feeling he would not be a fan.


NIce dog apparel. Rudy the Weimeraner wears a fleece coat from Canada but it doesn't have the elastic leg bands so it lists one way or the other over the course of a two mile walk. Thanks Andrew for the heads up.

Holly Buttura

I guess you haven't seen Apollo in his Obtrack jacket, which I purchased only after I saw Oscar in his! btw, love your comment "..get a sense the Ridgeback breed is rife with divas" - clearly you've met Athena (who will get an Obtrack jacket for the 2013-14 winter season)


Oh Holly I didn't know Apollo was an Obtrack fan as well - that's AWESOME!! I'm coveting their blue fleece coat, the Billebjer...


Andrea - Bosco sounds like he fits the RR standard to a "T"! :) Snow is a bit more tolerable than rain, I think, but as it was up to his belly this weekend, the Beast was NOT pleased when he had to break trail to find his bathroom spots!


Too funny, I have to agree with all the other posters. My four-month old Ridgie Nigel refuses to go out if the grass is even slightly wet. (Which is a bit of a problem on the housebreaking front). He has a tan plaid jacket, but I really like these Obtrack jackets. They seem like they would cover more of his tummy. He refused to do "down" in obedience class until the trainer put down a blanket for him. Total diva. : )


Thanks so much for this post. I have been searching for a new coat for two years and ordered the Skyrlle X+ for Maasai (an even bigger wimp, especially in the wind). He got a compliment from the first two people we saw the first time he wore it.


How wonderful, Lauren! I love discovering things just when I need them... so glad you were able to come to an informed decision for Maasai - and extra glad that he's making a fashionable impression in your neighborhood! Oscar sends his stylish best...

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