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May 23, 2013


Serena | Pretty Fluffy

These are brilliant! Love the recipe, the styling, the illustration - Natalya, you're amazing!

Happy belated bday to Oscar too - we're a big fan of the drawn out celebrations here too! ;)

Kyley & Ammo the Dachshund

Happy Belated Birthday to Oscar!


Thanks, Serena! I felt AWFUL about neglecting the blog for so long - I'm making up for all kinds of lost time now! :)


And thank you Kyley and Ammo!! Birthdays ROCK!

Marcia and Maggie

Do I see a touch of gray around his nose? What a wise guy!


Aww, Yes Marcia - my boy is getting a bit of frost on his muzzle! Hard reality to swallow some days, but he is 8... All things considered though, I'd say he actually looks amazingly youthful for his age! :)


This is glorious! You continue to bring new meaning to the the term "Dog Food".

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