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June 26, 2013


Serena | Pretty Fluffy

Loved this article!

Soda has been doing acupuncture and chiro for the last little while and benefits greatly from it.

I love how your illustrations always are so easy to understand, but a delight to look at as well.

And the cookie game? Awesome.


Thanks Serena!
I had hoped that the post would be just that: easy to follow, informative and inspiring - mission accomplished! :)

At our first visit, I was really curious to see what Oscar's reaction to the appointment would be - not only did he stand very still and cooperate, when we showed up for appointment number 2 his tail was wagging BIG time and he gave Tamara tons of kisses - that's proof enough to me that he recognized she had done some real good for him.


Isn't it amazing the difference in movement before and after a session? I can usually tell right away that he's feeling better and he loves his vet for doing it, he scoots up right next to her or sits right in front of her waiting.

We did the cookie reaches for physical therapy on his knees too- makes him adjust weight from one foot to another.

Beautiful drawings as always and thanks for the tips!

Kyley & Ammo the Dachshund

Love it! Ammo might have to start doing some stretches!


Yes, Robin! I was really pleasantly surprised - and very happy - that our appointments have such an obvious and beneficial effect on Oscar. It's completely worth the drive, and I'm a full supporter of regular maintenance work to avoid acute traumas down the road, especially now that Oscar is getting older...


Correction on the Petties prize if you win in your category. The donation amount is $1000 to the non-profit 501c3 rescue or shelter of choice in addition to the personalized Petties trophy.

Christina at DogTime


Love these illustrations! My husband will be finished with his Chiropractic grad school next summer - excited to show him this :)

Oscar's range of motion looks excellent now, woohoo! Coco loved getting adjusted, it make such a huge difference!


Thanks Sarah! How cool that your husband is learning this trade! Oscar's chiro has a people practice too, but I love that she can help so many animals with her skills - I've also attended a canine massage workshop that she held at her offices one weekend... three cheers for holistic physical therapies!

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