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November 28, 2013



"..slipping treats and cooing compliments, to finally win a nuzzle or friendly tail wag.." - lol I'm still at this stage even after a few years! But when the Boy does it you just want it to happen & again & again. OMG, I think I'm addicted to Oscar crack!


What a beautiful post. I love to see bonds like this - they're so special. And 'picnics' plural? Love it!

Amanda H.

Where did you find that amazing jacket? My Leo needs one! Oscar is a beauty.


Thanks Amanda! Oscar is wearing a coat made by a Swedish company called Obtrack. We absolutely LOVE their products, and even did a post on one of their coats last winter (use the search field at right to look up "Obtrack"). I'm positive your Leo would be comfy cozy in one!


Love that look on Oscar's face in the first picture! We bought Nigel an Obtrack jacket for this winter...it's stunning. It's got an amazingly sleek fit, and it seems to keep the pup just the right tempature for our runs.


Oh wonderful!! There are a handful of nice, technical dog jackets on the market, but none fit better than Obtrack - by a long shot. So glad your boy likes wearing his - and great to hear you get him out for runs! Oscar stopped running with me years ago in favor of smelling the flowers and soaking up sunshine - LAY-ZEE!

Jessica @YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner

I love Oscar and I have never seen him in person. I am partial to Rhodesians because I wanted one...before I ended up with a dachshund :)Still might happen someday.

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